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Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified next-generation global IT service and technology solution provider company that helps enterprises reimagine their business and navigate their digital transformation.

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Trusted Clients and Partners

As a leading information technology company, we are proud to partner with businesses, companies, service providers, corporations, government agencies, etc. Please take a look at some of the leading businesses and organizations that have already partnered with Riseup Labs.

We harness the power of Web 3.0, automation, analytics, IoT, cloud, and emerging technologies to design & develop innovative, intelligent, and sustainable technology solutions and services. As an IT service provider and software company, we discover ideas and connect the dots to create a better and bold new future.

Riseup Labs in a Minute

Are you ready to get a remarkably better IT services and support experience from a globally trusted IT and technology solutions provider? Riseup Labs is more than that. It is growing continuously in the highly competitive technology sector while providing seamless, cost-effective, and integrated solutions. The ultimate strength of Riseup Labs is using a unique combination of industry intelligence and the best resources to bring real business results. Meet us and get a complete overview of Riseup Labs in a Minute.

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Results You Can Trust Delivering IT Solutions Globally

Riseup Labs deliver results to keep our clients stay ahead while building a sustainable and stress-free IT environment. Our IT experts consistently provide user-centric IT solutions tailored to the company's demands by employing the newest and most popular technologies. For over 13 years, we have helped global clients to increase conversions, sales, and engagement. Have a look at the numbers you can trust!

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30 +


700 +


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Explore Our Offerings

Our Client-centric Engagement Model defines how we engage with clients and offer specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of their businesses. To offer enterprises the maximum benefit of technologies, Riseup Labs offers an integrated portfolio of products, technology solutions and services through four different segments. These are Consulting & Design (CD), Engineering & Development (ED), Managed Services (MS), BPO Services, and R&D Services (RD). Explore the offerings of IT services company Riseup Labs and match your problems to find the ultimate technology solutions.

Consulting and Design

Providing Complete Customized Consulting and Design Services.

Technology solutions provider company Riseup Labs provide consultation to design solutions to your problems. We make organizations more innovative and agile by fulfilling buyers' needs and co-creating breakthrough products and services.

Core Benefits of our Consulting and Design Services:

  • Define strategies for digital transformation and intelligent automation
  • Upgrade or modernize existing systems using the latest technologies
  • Re-define user experiences through design thinking

Consulting and Design Service Offering of IT Services Provider Company Riseup Labs


The business will benefit from an innovative and holistic IT investment that reduces risk and boosts ROI from our proactive and comprehensive design and consulting services.

Consulting & Design Services

Digitizing Business Processes with Complete Engineering & Development Services.

Technology solutions provider company Riseup Labs provides future-ready software products and systems through agile software Engineering and Development services. We harness the power of IoT automation, AI, ML & Analytics to scale-up businesses. Our immersive AR, VR, MR & Gaming solutions are for giving your customers the best possible immersive experiences.

Core Benefits of our Engineering & Development Services:

  • Create future-ready software products and systems, from ideation to deployment
  • Increase operational resiliency and scale business with IoT, automation, AI, ML & Analytics
  • Safeguard applications by deploying to the cloud with strong cybersecurity
  • Bring immersive customer experiences using AR, VR, MR & gaming technologies


Development Services Overview

Your business will benefit by working with us closely in the whole software engineering and development lifecycle. So, create, adapt, and thrive in your business with Riseup Labs' Engineering and Development Services.

Engineering & Development Services

Delivering Globally Scalable Managed Services with a Digitally Enhanced Experience.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Riseup Labs delivers end-to-end support and remote management services, such as network, application, infrastructure and security. Our pure-play managed services ensure an inside look at operations, consumer experiences, and cooperative innovation, meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Core Benefits of our Managed Services:

  • Ensure uninterrupted system & infrastructure services for business continuity through resilient, reliable & predictable operations
  • Prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats through continuous monitoring and quick response
  • Increase quality and improve experience by solving issues & bugs through continuous QA & testing
  • Save time & money by outsourcing business IT processes & operations; only focus on your core business operations
  • Hire remote IT experts in short-term and long-term basis who will work as your own team

Managed Service Offerings of digital transformation company Riseup Labs


Your business will benefit by working with one of the top MSP Riseup Labs. We will help you discover the powers and capabilities of your assets.

Managed Services

Unlocking Global Efficiency with Streamlined BPO Services & Solutions.

Riseup Labs liberates businesses from the burden of non-core tasks, enabling them to achieve global scalability and cost optimization through our comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. We act as an extension of your team, handling these tasks with expertise and efficiency, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Core Benefits of our BPO Services:

  • Free up internal resources and streamline operations by delegating administrative, back-office, and customer support functions
  • Scale your workforce up or down seamlessly based on business needs
  • Reduce overhead expenses associated with in-house staffing and infrastructure
  • Get a predictable cost structure that allows for better budgeting and financial control
  • Leverage our international talent pool to access a broader range of skills and cultural understanding
  • Benefit from our ongoing process optimization efforts and adoption of best practices
  • Secure infrastructure and commitment to industry regulations

Overview of BPO Services

Partner with Riseup Labs and achieve operational excellence. We offer a customized approach tailored to your specific needs and industry. Focus on what matters most while we handle the rest.

BPO Services

Creating Next-Gen Experience to Innovate in Future Technology through R&D Services.

Riseup Labs provide R&D Services and help set up remote R&D centers to create and innovate new technology solutions to drive digital transformation. Our engineers are prepared to provide solutions that will advance your position at the top of your sector.

Core Benefits of our R&D Services:

  • Create a remote R&D center to accelerate the pace of innovation using world-class talents
  • Accelerate engineering across the product and platform ecosystem through R&D using latest technologies
  • Invest in R&D to innovate next-generation product lines to increase market share in fast changing product markets
  • Introduce the concept of Industry 4.0 and bring whole technological revolution through in-depth & practical R&D 
  • Renew your focus on engineering innovation through flexible business partnership models: outcome-based models, risk-reward & co-innovation

Software R&D Center

Your business will benefit by getting R&D services from Riseup Labs. We will help you set up remote R&D centers for software research and development operations.

R&D Services

Success Stories

The success of Riseup Labs is achieved through commitment and uncompromised quality. Read behind the story of our success. 

Why Work with Riseup Labs?

Become a partner of a top IT services and technology solutions provider company who partner with enterprises to simplify, strengthen and transform their business.

Manage Every sector of your it operation with top IT Company

Manage Every Part of Your IT Operation

Riseup Labs' managed IT services will keep your IT infrastructure stable and scalable. We offer cost-effective solutions to manage your IT infrastructure and software. Outsource key IT operations and avoid hiring full-time IT staff. Get IT consulting, management and support from Riseup Labs.

Advancing Your Business Technology Solutions

Advancing Your Business Technology

Client's satisfaction and convenience are most important for us. From idea generation to implementation, our complete product development approach means more compatibility and less risk. Handle every aspect of digital product development to turn your insight and intelligence into ample reward.

Proactive Team working at a digital transformation company

Having A Proactive and Proficient Team

Riseup Labs provides you with the best technological solutions. Our fast and well-distributed structure enables us to recruit the most brilliant talents across the country. Each of our projects is also fully allocated to a highly skilled team leader to speed up the process of product development.

Aligning with the Advanced Tech Industry with better Technology solutions and services

Aligning with the Advanced Tech Industry

We always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest and widely used tools and technologies across the world to develop the best quality product for you. Skilled teams at Riseup Labs are passionate about implementing them with updated methodologies for tackling upcoming challenges.

Creating Advance Human Centric Designs at a top IT company

Creating Human-Centered Designs

Riseup Labs deeply focuses on customer insights to create a tailored User Interface and User Experience for the target audience. Our experts follow the standards of a Human-centered design approach to design and develop products to fulfill client's expectations and satisfy the needs of users.

Outsource IT Projects from a technology solutions provider company

Speeding Up Your Business's Success

To make "you" more successful is our key to business. We always ensure that your needs come first. As one of the major creators and publishers in the market we have released many successful products and become a trusted partner of our clients. By delivering you customized solutions we want to be a part of your success.

Words from Our Clients

As a strategic partner to our clients across different industries, we help them deliver their business goals and drive technology-led transformations. Our clients across the world have achieved significant business results using our world-class solutions and have recognized us for our efforts. Know more about our client's experience with us:

Game development can be a fast paced and highly demanding task. It is even more so if the name of the game is ‘World’s Fastest Drummer’. Riseup Labs not only met all these demands milestones and timelines, but exceeded my expectations in every way. I cherish our long term relationship with Riseup Labs and given the chance I know you will too! Riseup and Speed ON!

Boo McAfee Client Logo
Boo McAfee CEO, McAfee Enterprises Inc.

From the initial stages of requirement gathering to the final delivery, Riseup Labs has shown great dedication and responsiveness. Their ability to understand our vision and handle the project by ensuring those needs and concerns is outstanding.

Raihan Ahmed Dip
Raihan Ahmed Dip Data Coordinator, ATEC Australia-International Limited

Offering thorough technical support and engaged collaboration in different activities, Riseup Labs worked as a committed partner.

Ariful Hasan-Opu Client Thumbnail
Ariful Hasan-Opu CEO, E-Soft

Riseup Labs simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment.

Sabbir Azam Client Thumbnail
Sabbir Azam Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Have really appreciated working with Riseup Labs. They make gorgeous products, provide dependable service, and fast to answer questions.

Habib Rahman Client Thumbnail
Habib Rahman Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Riseup Labs helped us to develop Crick Live app and they also provided us with necessary details that were required for us to successfully execute our project. The developer team was very helpful and they provided us the professional backup.

Rafayel Khan Client
Rafayel Khan Grantor, Crick Live

Overall, I am very satisfied with the company and intent to grow my relationship with it. The things I like about the company are their reliability, flexibility, and consistent, prompt and reliable communication. Besides, the team is very good.

Common Client Thumbnaill
Oliver Reed CEO

Your Business Digitally

We care to drive innovation globally with technology. So, Change, Transform, Innovate and Scale your business with Riseup Labs to expand globally.

Work with Riseup Labs

Industries We Serve

With over a decade of experience as an information technology service provider company, we have completed many projects for our clients in nearly every industry. Including the following:

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Finance & Banking
e-Commerce Icon
Telco Icon
Real Estate Icon
Real Estate
Software Icon
Health and Fitness Icon
Health & Fitness
Food and Drink Icon
Food & Drink
Music Icon
Medical Icon
Pharmaceutical Icon
Automotive Icon
Education Icon
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Entertainment Icon
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Photo & Video
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Technologies We Work With

Riseup Labs uses the most dependable and cutting-edge technologies to develop and perform the whole operation.

C# C#
Swift Icon Swift
Ionic Icon Ionic
Kotlin Icon Kotlin
Augmented Reality Icon Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality Icon Virtual Reality
React Native Icon React Native
Mean Icon MEAN
TypeScript Icon TypeScript Icon ASP.NET
JavaScript Technology Icon JavaScript
Java Icon Java
Django Icon Django
Node.js Icon Node.js
Codeigniter Icon Codeigniter
Koa.js Icon Koa.js
Flask Icon Flask
Express.js Icon Express.js
Graphql Icon GraphQL
SQLite Icon SQLite
Oracle Icon Oracle
Microsoft SQL Server Icon Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon DynamoDB Icon Amazon DynamoDB
MongoDB Icon MongoDB
Apache CouchDB Icon Apache CouchDB
PostgreSQL Icon PostgreSQL
Couchbase Icon Couchbase
RavenDB Icon RavenDB
WordPress Icon WordPress
3DS Max
Autodesk Maya
Motion Builder
Sublime Text Technology Icon Sublime Text
XAMPP Technology Icon XAMPP
Angaza Technology Icon Angaza
HubSpot Icon HubSpot
Xero Technology Logo Xero
bKash Technology Logo bKash
AWS Technology Icon AWS
Amazon EC2 Technology Icon Amazon EC2
Amazon S3 Technology Icon Amazon S3
Amazon Route 53 Technology Icon Amazon Route 53
CI/CD Technology Icon CI/CD
GitHub Technology Logo GitHub

Future-focused Services offered by Riseup Labs

Tired of wasting time searching for the right service? We make it easy! Explore a list of curated services that match your needs and get you on your way to achieving your goals in no time.

Design-Build-Sustain : Mode 1-2-3 Strategy

Riseup Labs works through Mode 1-2-3 Strategy, which is Design-Build-Sustain. We believe anything well designed can be developed amazingly. Our team cover all from development to deployment and ensure extended product life to enhance revenue.


The first step after the idea is design. Right designs add confidence to your product and brand. Riseup Labs help clients develop a clear product strategy by combining design, industry and technology expertise that unify business and technology architectures to drive business results and outcomes.


We at Riseup Labs, build software and applications for product and platform companies by adopting digital transformation and product engineering approach. Our applications are built in such a way that they are future ready, able to rapidly get to the market and are cost-effective.


We handle product improvement, customization, and integration as part of our managed services. Our support services assist clients in extending the usability of their core products while also enhancing performance, marketability, and profitability.

IT Services Company Since 2009

Success Summary of Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified next-generation global IT service and technology solution provider company focusing mostly on the Web, Mobile, XR, and Simulator technologies. We have started our journey with Tap Tap Ants' success, which has millions of downloads in the App Store and received the top-ranking position worldwide.

We have been in business since 2009 and have become major creators and publishers in the market by releasing many successful products for brands like UNICEF Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Limited, BBC Media Action, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division.

We have developed the "1952" app, a history-based educational Augmented Reality (AR) app on the Language Movement of 21st February of 1952 and a VR experience based on the historic 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of 1971 at the Racecourse Ground.

As a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) partner of UNICEF Bangladesh, Riseup Labs has developed and is still working on many projects. Such as Digital Platform for Adolescents, Meena Media Award Online Management System, UNICEF Volunteer Registration and Management System, and Meena Game 2 for Newborn Care.